Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Pill slimming with Proactol

Pill slimming, whats the deal?.

Beware! Theres a new breed of dieters out there, they don't play by the rules and they certainly don't reek of cabbage or sweat. They cheat their way thin with tablets for weight loss, otherwise known as pill slimming! After years of watching these unethical but successful dieters I eventually decided if I can't beat em, join em! This is my take on the world of popping pills and the slimming elite.

My entrance to the world of dieting.

Ah, good old fashioned dieting! For me it still conjures up images of stick thin leotard clad women prancing about on TV making us believe they live off a diet of carrots and water. For a long time I must have believed it too, my days used to consist of abdominal crunches followed by munching on green things even Bugs Bunny would turn his nose up at!

I was never a really thin child but by the time I reached 20 I realised I had to do something about my ever expanding frame. My friends were all "gym rats" and had the type of figure I could only dream of, I wanted to lose wieght so bad I would often starve myself for days at a time only to binge like crazy when the hunger got to much.

My weight problem was not a joke!

The thing is I like food, I was often told I had a weight problem...I couldn't "weight" to eat, so my lovely friends joked! The problem with diets by there very definition is they mean cutting down on what you eat, what i needed was a miracle pill that would negate any excess fat I consumed. Of course you know there is no such pill that will do that....or is there?

How I found Fat binders....

It was around three years ago, after joining a weight loss forum on the internet, that I was introduced to fat binders. Fat binders work by using a natural ingredient (often hoodia extract) that binds the fat molecules together, this normally happens during digestion and renders the fat molecules too large to be used efficiently by the body. It is now scientifically proven that by using a fat binding ingredient such as hoodia you can take an estimated 28% off your daily fat intake. I have tried a few fat binders over the years but there is one that has worked really well and taken the most weight off. Its called Proactol.

Proactol the natural way to lose weight

Proactol is not only a fat binder but is also an appetite supressent, it is one of the easiest and safest ways to diet. Not only does Proactol negate 28% of your daily fat intake it also will help you with cravings and the actual amount you physically want to eat! It's common knowledge the only real way to lose weight and keep it off is to consume less calories! Proactol makes this really simple.

Taken from Proactol's website;

Pill slimming using Proactol™:
- can reduce your dietary fat intake by 28%
- lower blood cholesterol
- cut your calories by 150 calories per meal
- suppress your appetite
- boost your energy levels
- increase joint flexibility
- ease aches and pains

I want more information on Proactol - where do I go?

Proactol - tablets for weight loss official website - Click below


How much did I lose with Proactol?

I used Proactol for just over a year and lost 25 pounds. This was with no extra exercise program just my normal walks with my dog!

Is there a coupon I could use?

I have contacted Proactol directly to get this code! - enter BABPR1 when your are on the checkout page for an extra 15% off.

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